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How Does Travel Insurance Protect Me?

Ah, to see Rome. You've dreamed about this trip your whole life. To see the eternal city in all her grandeur has been your desire, and now you are here. You have planned everything down to letter: what to see, where to eat, which trains to take. But, you did not plan on your bags getting lost, your flight to be cancelled, or your wife to come down with some mysterious illness. .. You put a lot of time and effort into planning your travel, but unfortunately, you cannot prepare for everything. This is where travel insurance comes in. If a scenario similar to the one above happens to you, an insurance plan could help save not only your trip, but maybe your life.

These are some of the travel insurance types available to you:

Medical/Dental Expenses

Many people assume that their health insurance will cover them if they get sick or hurt while on vacation, and if you remain in your home country, then it probably will. However, if you travelling to a foreign land, chances are that your insurance will not cover ANY of your medical related expenses. We all know how much it can cost us just to see a doctor, imagine having to be hospitalized without insurance. The costs could be enormous. Travel medical insurance will protect you if the unexpected happens while you are oversees.

Emergency evacuation/repatriation

No one ever thinks they will be stuck in the midst of a disaster, but it is possible. Weather is unpredictable and, if you are traveling to an unstable region, war could be as well. This coverage will provide you with emergency evacuation in the event that you are stuck in a disaster zone. It also will provide for your remains to be recovered and returned to your home if the unthinkable happens.

Trip cancellation/interruption:

It can be very expensive or impossible to cancel a trip once it is booked and get back the money you have invested. The same is said for rescheduling a trip. However, life happens and sometimes we have to change our plans. This type of insurance will help you accomplish either of these goals while not losing all the money you have put into your travel plans.

Accidental death

Think of this insurance type as life insurance for the road. If you unexpected pass away while traveling, there will be unexpected costs associated with getting your remains back home. This insurance will help cover those costs.

Delayed departure

A thunderstorm in Dallas has prevented your flight in Chicago from leaving on time. That means you will miss your connector in Nashville causing you to miss the departure of your cruise ship. This nightmare scenario could cost you a lot of extra money on top of possibly preventing you from taking your cruise all together. Delayed departure / missed connection insurance can help. If your flight is delayed or you miss a connecting flight through no fault of your own, this insurance will pay the additional costs incurred by you (rental car, hotel room, etc.). They may also cover the amount of your trip that was lost to you due to the delay.

Lost, stolen or damaged baggage

If you are flying to a foreign country, the liability limits of the airlines in the event of lost baggage are not nearly enough to replace your possessions, luggage, and important documents. Matter of fact, airline liability does not cover "luxury items" like travel documents, furs, jewelry, or anything of value. This insurance will be sure that you are made whole in the event that your luggage is lost, because the airline is not going to.

Trip Cancellation

There are many reasons that could cause you to have to cancel your travel arrangements: death of a loved one, work, or illness. Unfortunately, these reasons will not get your money back from the airline or travel agent. If for some unforeseen reason you miss your trip altogether, this insurance will reimburse the amount of money you have lost.

Flight Connection

We all know that terrible feeling of potentially missing your connecting flight. If the airlines schedule is changed and this action causes you to miss your connection flight, this insurance will cover the additional costs associated with getting you back on schedule.

Travel Delays due to weather

No one controls the weather, but this insurance will protect your investment if your trip is delayed due to it. This is especially important if you are travelling during hurricane, monsoon, or cyclone seasons.

Some travel insurance policies will also provide coverage for the following at an additional cost

1. Car rental collision coverage
2. Pre-existing conditions (e.g. asthma, diabetes)
3. Sports with an element of risk (e.g. skiing, scuba diving)
4. Additional AD & D coverage
5. 3rd Party Supplier insolvency
Travel is an investment that most of us cannot afford to lose. It is unfortunate, but a fact of life, that the unexpected occurs, and this is the best reason of all the purchase travel insurance. The piece of mind that is provided by this service is worth much more than the premiums involved, and will help you to better enjoy your vacation or to be more productive on your business trip. The majority of these policies can be had at a fraction of the cost of your trip, and the small amount of money spent on them could be returned 10 fold if an untimely accident or unexpected event occurs. If you are planning an exciting trip, call us today to discuss your options and see which plan is right for you.