About Protect Travel

Protect Travel Insurance is your one stop shop for travel insurance. We are dedicated to making the process of purchasing insurance for your expensive vacations or business travel easy, affordable, and quick. We work with a variety of insurance providers and compare their coverage and costs for you so that you can save money, hassle, and time.


Here's how it works

You give us some basic information about yourself and the type of travel you are doing, and we gather quotes from a variety of insurance providers. We then present you with the best options around, so that you can make an educated and informed decision. It is quick, simple, and easy to do and could potentially save you thousands of dollars if you travel plans go awry.


Why Travel Insurance?

You have spent thousands of dollars and innumerable hours planning your trip; why put all that money and hard-work at risk by not insuring your trip? Here at Protect Travel Insurance, we believe that a good travel insurance plan is as important as the hotel you stay in or the flight you take. Why? Because travel is expensive and things can and do go wrong, but if you purchase travel insurance, your time, investment, and your health are protected. If the airline loses your luggage, you are covered. If you get sick in a foreign country and need medical assistance, you are covered. If your connection is cancelled, you are covered. You get the idea. Mishaps happen, and purchasing a good travel insurance plan can make recovering your money, or getting to your destination possible.