When you are purchasing the insurances like homeowner's insurance, life insurance, car insurance, health insurance and travel insurance then you are not making any investment. Any insurance including the travel insurance is about sharing risk in case of any unforeseen catastrophic events.

There is the baggage insurance which covers you and your whole family in case your luggage is robbed, misplaced. The payout for this type of insurance is based on the coverage you get.

Yes, it is important. You need to be honest with your travel insurance provider for your travel insurance. If you need treatment and they find out that you were honest then they can refuse to pay for your treatment.

Yes, you can travel without travel insurance. But we recommend you to book this before you leave. Travel insurance policies are rather cheap. The payouts are much higher than the cost of your policy.

Most people think that travel insurance is about medical insurance for travelling. But it is wrong, actually it covers all the possible issues on a trip like flight delay, hijacks, medical expenses in a foreign country, passport losses etc. It covers all unpredictable problems that may happen on the trip.